Thursday, 5 May 2016

My holiday

In my holiday I went to bounce and beyond.

My family went in the car to bounce and beyond.
Me and my family we to bounce and beyond because it was friend birthday named Murcia.

We made it to bounce and beyond, when I walked in I saw lots and lots of awesome stuff like the biggest slide I have seen in my life. It look like a Kauri tree.
I ran to the slide and went down it was so fast when I went down.

I also went to play basketball but the ball very big and the hup has air inside of it
I got 5 drys in the game, then it was time for lunch I had some chips and chocolate.
Me and Danny went this bouncy playground where you could fight the air sticks and the end that you could slide down.

Image result for bounce and beyondImage result for bounce and beyondAnd then it was time to go my favourite was the biggest slide I have seen in my life. I felt happy and grateful that I went there.     

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