Monday, 16 May 2016

The seal woman

Story Map
Title:  The seal woman
June walker Leonard
Farmar and the seal woman, the daughter.
At the beach
The seal woman could not find her skin because the farmer took it.
The daughter help the seal woman find her skin and then they found
The skin and the seal woman said thank you.

The farmer was walking back from his field at midnight and then he saw some magical people dancing by the beach the farmer took one of the seal skin it looked silver and shiny.
The farmer took their skin and then the people ran back into their seal skin.
But their was someone else's skin who could not find it was the seal woman.
End: The seal woman could not find her skin she checked in the house and then the woman saw a daughter ,she said to the seal woman that I know where it is in the mat. The she found the skin.

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