Friday, 26 August 2016

Duffy show

Today on Wednesday 24 of August we went to the glenbrae because we were going to the Duffy show. When we went in the hall there was music playing behind a wall made out of wood to block the people who was going to do the duffy show.

The show started 2 men and 1 women walked out.
One boy was named Duffy he would always read a book called Doctor who, but one night he was reading his book the suddenly he hears a radio playing outside of a van because someone did not live in a house.
So the mum went down with Duffy to ask if the person that's playing the music to turn it down. When they went to the person the ask to turn it down. The mum asked for the old lady  “what is your name” Mum said the old lady said “my name is Ruby”. After that they started meeting every day. But one day she talked about when she was little, when she was a little girl she was poor, she lived on a farm.
One day her day had had to go out to war. After the war, lost of people got killed and Ruby dad was one of them, and that is all that Ruby told to Duffy.
So Duffy made a time machine and went back into time. He saw the dad in the war so Duffy holed the dad hand and run to the time machine, then he went back into time when Ruby fished the story, when he went to Ruby she was reading and that's how Ruby knows how to read.

She had a happy life.

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