Wednesday, 31 August 2016


On Monday the 29 we did some science and the science was the cars the planes a the fishing game also the magnet.

First we made our planes

Today we draw a paper on paper then we cut it out and put the paper clip and then put metal on it.
After that we played the card game.
How to make your a car: You will be needing paper and a paper clip and scissors.
You have to draw a car on you paper and cut it out{this is like the same as the planes} and put paperclip on the car, after that make a race track and put the magnet and under the paper a race with some.
When that was finished we did the fishing game
What you need\paper,paperclip,magnet,stick and string.
You need to get a paper and then you draw a fish, when you finished drawing it you need to cut it out and put the paperclip on the side, after you get a stick and tie a string to the sick the you tie a magnet to the string.
Then  there you have it you can play the fishing game.
Our last was the magnet the magnet is not a game this time it is real science you need 6 sticks and some loom bands to tie. So we made it.

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