Thursday, 19 January 2017

My family went to the park

Today I went to the park with my family.
On Friday I went to the park with my family and cousins. 
First we packed our stuff because we might go swimming at the beach.
We went to the mission bay park, we got there by van.
When we made it I ran all the way to the park, the park looked different because the slid was made of leaves and the roof.
The first game we played is called Tag, Tag is a game that if someone is it that need to tag you by giving them are touch. 
So anyways after playing we got tired, so we went home and that was it


  1. Hi Fasi!

    That sounds like a mean day! I wish I could have gone to mission bay. Tag is awesome! You play a lot of tag don't you. You're lucky to have enough people to play tag with!

    I hope you keep blogging! I really enjoy reading about your adventures!


  2. Hi Fasi,

    Well done for getting into blogging this week Fasi! It is wonderful to hear what you have been up to on your holiday.

  3. Thank you so much Mrs Stone and Mark Barlow for those amazing commets